What do I Need to Have Ready to Rent in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Property Question of the Week #7

What do I Need to Have Ready to Rent in Abu Dhabi?

The most desirable property in Abu Dhabi goes extremely fast so you need to be able to move quickly before it is gone. Be prepared. Before you can rent a property you will need:

1)     To have spoken to your HR department – This is a vital step but very few people talk to their HR departments to see:

i)               If the tenancy contract will be in your name or your company’s name;

ii)              What your company will pay for (will they pay your deposit, agent’s commission, any other fees a landlord might impose (such as insurance, contract fee etc));

iii)            Will your company give you the money and expect you to write the cheques or will they issue the cheques themselves;

iv)             How long it will take your company to issue the cheques? When you reserve a property it will be held usually for three days before being released again and in that time you need to get a deposit to them – if your company takes longer than three days to issue cheques then you might have to write the cheques yourself and get paid back (at the very least the landlord needs to be notified at the outset). Find this out.

v)              What will your company require from the landlord to issue cheques in their name (for example some companies require landlords to be registered as “vendors”, if this is the case then this process needs to be started quickly as it will hold payment up).

2)     A bank account – something people always overlook but if you’re paying the rent/deposit cheques for your own new home then you need this ready. Request a cheque book when you open an account as these often don’t come as standard. If your company is writing all the cheques then this is not an issue.

3)     A visa – to sign the Tawtheeq Contract (to connect your water and electricity) you need a visa. A letter from your company saying this is in process will suffice to reserve a property but you need the real deal to start your contract – some landlords can be flexible on this if the water and electricity is already connected but it is illegal.

4)     Emirates ID – you’ll need this or the receipt showing it has been applied for to connect your water and Electricity through ADDC.

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