Don’t Throw Your New Abu Dhabi Staff To Dubizzle

Don’t Throw Your New Abu Dhabi Staff To Dubizzle

It is likely that when you bring new staff to the UAE you have already invested a great deal of time and money in them. At a minimum they have uprooted themselves and perhaps their family to come thousands of miles to start a new life in Abu Dhabi. You may even have paid a recruitment consultant to find them in the first place. They are coming to fill a much needed role within your organisation and to lose them would cost you time and lost opportunity.

Then why when they get here do you put them in a hotel for a month and tell them to search Dubizzle (or other similar sites) for their new family home?  Perhaps you haven’t been on the propertyfinding portals much recently, please do take a look as it is uninspiring stuff.

If your new recruit is unlucky enough to call the wrong number they could find themselves being hauled around by one of the very many poor quality estate agents in Abu Dhabi and might end up being pushed into a home which is inappropriate for them in any number of ways (it may even be illegal). Your employee is then unhappy, his family is unhappy, and he is then unproductive – in a worst case scenario might leave.

Why risk this when you could entrust the future home of your new recruits to any one of a dozen (maybe half a dozen) reputable agencies?

For example Crompton Partners issues guidance on Renting in Abu DhabiWhere to Live and Tenant’s Legal Rights to ensure your employee’s (and your) peace of mind. We work with some of the largest oil and defense companies in Abu Dhabi and are trusted to find homes for senior management and CEOs on a regular basis.

We have an office you can easily visit in Zayed Sports City, a website that works, a toll free number, a large leasing team of western expats and other nationalities who speak English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Arabic and we have a management team who can liaise with you, instead of your primary contact being an agent.

Perhaps you are worried that one estate agent might not have access to the property your employee might need. Abu Dhabi is not like any other market, here in the Capital all the good agents have access to pretty much all the property that there is for rent (landlords here basically deal with everyone they can to get their property rented). This means you don’t have to trawl the internet for property you like and call the agent who is advertising it, because the chances are that all the agents have it, including us.

We have the capacity to house single staff members, families and bulk staff requirements (including rooms in multiple occupation) and we can relocate your entire office through our commercial leasing department. Please email carine.louys@cpestateagents.com or call us on 800 CPEA(2732) today to discuss how we can help you.

Ben Crompton

Managing Partner


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