What Payments You Should Make When You Rent an Apartment in Abu Dhabi

If you are a UAE expat, who just arrived, you should consider the property options for rent in the city. You will receive plenty of opportunities that match your sought-after issues such as comfort, calmness, prime location, and maybe luxurious interior designs.

Before you find accommodation in the vibrant capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, there are essential financial considerations to understand so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

By understanding all fees starting from security deposits and ending with agency fees, you could navigate the rental process smoothly.

In this article, we will overview all payments required for renting a property in Abu Dhabi.

Types of Rental Payments Within Different Stages of Leasing

  1. Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Payment

After you register your lease contract in Tawtheeq, and without needing to take additional steps, all tenants are registered automatically in Abu Dhabi Distribution Company or you can make a double check through a call. Therefore, you need to pay the deposit with the first bill.

  • Municipality payment

After you register with Tawtheeq, and upon signing in the tenancy contract, there is a specific payment to the municipality annually. The good thing about this payment is the possibility of being distributed through monthly installments by your ADDC bill. More info:  

  • Commission Fees

Finding a property that suits your wants and matches your needs can be challenging However, you would seek help from a local broker to go smoothly within the process. That’s why we, as Crompton Partenrs take our clients from the very beginning journey of finding a property with the best options based on every client’s preferences. We do the viewing and coordinating the brokerage as well as we take responsibility of all legal issues and paperwork along with providing required tips and consultation. There is a broker commission for finding the property for clients, and this commission fee is applicable in Abu Dhabi.

  • The application fee for internet network and telephone

The essential need today is the internet and a telephone for networking. If you are a new tenant in UAE and do not know exactly from where you start the installation process, you can

ask for installation of these services through either Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) or Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (Du). These service providers have branches around the UAE, even in shopping malls. No specific fee, because it depends on the package you choose according to your usage limit.

  • Security deposit fee

Probably, while you live in the property you rent, it is incurred damage, as a result, you should compensate the landlord for that with a security deposit added to the rental contract value. To know exactly how much is the security fee, you need to ask your advisor or agent about the latest update of the security fees and whether they are returnable after you leave the property.

  • Rental regular fee

The rental fee that you are supposed to pay regularly to the landlord varies based on factors like the location you choose, the area, whether furniture or empty, and what community you will joined…etc. Some lessors prefer one single payment annually, whereas others would accept the monthly payments until the rental term expires. To make sure, ask for the most recent payment plan for each property, as the payment plan is not constant, it varies according to the times.

  • Additional fees

Your rental fee could include other additional fees, such as cooking gas fees, Mawaqif fees if there is no parking lot for your building, and other payments that are up to the property specified by the lessor.

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