UAE Named Most Desirable Country for the 12th Consecutive Year

UAE  has once made it again and topped the list for being the country young Arabs prefer to live in the most.

For the 12th consecutive year, UAE has been named as the most desirable country to live in according to the Arab Youth Survey.

Data and results are based on face-to-face interviews which were conducted with 3,600 young people aged between 18 and 24 across different countries.

The main reasons behind UAE’s title were mainly because people felt safe and secure in the country, according to 41 percent, a growing economy (28 percent), effective leadership (24 percent), clean environment (22 percent), and the ease of starting a business (20 percent).

“Starting my career as a civil engineer in Lebanon has been very challenging, it’s difficult to accept the idea that my country has no opportunities for me,” said Tarek Mahmoud, 22, civil engineer.

“I have no other option but to seek a job abroad, and the UAE is very welcoming of fresh graduates and young talents.

Those quotations are stated by young Arabs who felt very welcomed by the nation and the Emirates made them feel at home.

“I moved to the UAE almost two years ago and it was the best decision I made,” said Tala Dia, 25, a senior auditor also from Lebanon.

“It’s safe, secure and stable – everything we’ve been lacking throughout the crisis in Beirut.”

The UAE was also named as the country that Arab youth would most like their own country to be like.

This article was posted on UAEMoments

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