Tawtheeq Delays

The Tawtheeq system has been delayed this week due to an overhaul. We have received conflicting reports but it seems that now an EID is required to issue a Tawtheeq and that EID readers are now being distributed to all owners/managers. Before you could get a Tawtheeq with only a visa, this will now drastically slow down the process. We have also received word from some of the developers that
i) you can get a Tawtheeq without an EID but you will need to go to the Municipality to get a letter from them first
ii) the Tawtheeq process is now two stage
a) you have to go in with your EID and download a form for the landlord and tenant to sign, this is then uploaded with the relevant documents and can take between two and 48 hours to approve
b) once approved by the Municipality the Tawtheeq can be issued. We will keep on top of this and let you know the process once it is live but this looks like a much longer and more complicated system.

Real Estate Companies Should Now Be Registered

Effective 1 January 2017 all Real Estate Companies in Abu Dhabi should be registered with the Department of Municipal Affairs. We are registered and you can see our certificates below (click the picture to download). Make sure the agents your staff are dealing with are registered too.

ADM License

ADVETI Certificate

2017 Trade License

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