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Your property needs to be fully paid off before your developer hands it over to you.  Make sure all the perks, rebates & discounts that you were promised previously are on the statement (or at least in your email confirmation). The handover process is lengthy and requires multiple teams within the developer to work together. You must make sure they’re all on the same page and get reminded of your entitlement.

If you plan to finance your properties, engaging a financial broker will increase your odds of finding one with cheaper interest rate. You can easily do a quick mortgage rate calculation on our page here.  The financial broker is usually paid by the bank, so their consultation is usually free.  Additionally, you should also check with your handover account manager on whether they have any promotional deal with any specific bank to give you an even better rate. But bear in mind about the customer service level of the bank.  Once your property is mortgaged, you will have to liaise with your mortgage bank for a long time about many aspects, from title deed application to mortgage repayment after you leave the country.  The cheapest isn’t always best.

Snagging helps identify defects in your property for the contractor to fix before handover.  Although new properties enjoy a one year warranty period, it’s not always easy to get repairs carried out. Your tenants might refuse to give access for repairs, subcontractors might dispute its not their responsibility, or in some cases (as has happened before) the main contractor even ends operation/trading during the warranty period. Snagging and de-snagging is often overlooked as it’s incredibly time consuming to do it properly.

Some developers collect 1st year service charges together with the final settlement and  some don’t. You need to satisfy their payment terms to proceed further with the handover.  In fact, Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 all need to be fulfilled in order before the developer proceeds with the handover.

We’ve seen title deeds become incredibly important in 2020 to lease, sell or even to just get ADDC connection.  Different developers may have different processes to help you obtain your title deed, and the process also differs from whether your property is mortgaged or unmortgaged.  However, as a general rule, for owners with a valid Emirates ID, the application usually is done via your UAE pass, whereas for non-resident owners, you might need to visit ADM in person for your title deed application unless you have a Power of Attorney to do it for you.  We have also seen some developers help owners, residents or not, obtain the title deed via email.  Check with your developers about the specific assistance they can provide and the fee amount required to pay ADM. 

Once you complete the financial settlement and obtain your title deed, you need to request from the developer a NOC addressed to ADDC to allow changing of the owner’s name for your particular property from the developer to yourself. The request should be made to ADDC via contactcentre@addc.ae.  However, do expect that there may be a long delay from ADDC due to high demand.

After satisfying all their requirements, you need to have an appointment to visit the developer’s office for key handover.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to sign stacks of additional contracts from Master Community Rule to Facility Management Agreement upon this handover appointment before you can get your keys.

If your property is inside an apartment building, you’ll need to set up a chilled water account with the billing company that the developer has already appointed. Different chilled water companies charge different security deposit amounts and they all have different tariffs.  Some charge monthly capacity charges to property owners, some pass it all down to the occupants who consume chilled water.  A chilled water account is generally not required for villas. Villas generally come with split type of ACs that runs on electricity.  However, we’ve also seen some exceptions where villas do get chilled water.  So you should also double check with the developer.  The same applies with gas, not every building or villa comes with gas supply. You need to double check this with the developer.

Tawtheeq is the official tenancy registration with Abu Dhabi government. If you ever want to rent out your properties, you need to be able to provide your tenants the tawtheeq and it can only be done through putting tawtheeq under your UAE pass.  It’s relatively straightforward for owners with a valid Emirates ID, but if you’re overseas or don’t have an Emirates ID, it gets substantially more difficult. You will need to have a power of attorney who has a valid Emirates ID to register your tawtheeq under his/her UAE pass.  So far, we have not come across a way around this yet. It’s best you speak to us first to get the latest update on tawtheeq registration.

Following Step 3, de-snag, de-snag, de-snag, and before anyone moves in make sure you check the snags that the developer or the contractor claims that they’ve fixed. Chances are, you’ll have to do multiple rounds of de-snagging before all issues are rectified.

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TPM is part of the Crompton Partners, Abu Dhabi’s largest independent real estate agency that’s operated by Western expatriates. Our customer service based approach has earned us the trust of our clients throughout Abu Dhabi, from governmental institutions and large corporations to the individuals whose homes we manage on a daily basis.

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Meet the Team

Ben Crompton

Managing Partner of Crompton Partners

Responsible for the management of the entire Crompton Partners group and supervising all aspects of the administration from property management to sales and leasing. Obtaining a Law degree from the University of Cambridge, Ben then made it his specialty to specialize in Abu Dhabi real estate law. He led the team to become the largest independent brokerage since 2017.

Meara He

Managing Director of Transparent Property Management

Founded the Crompton Partners’ Property Management Team in 2016, and has led the team from then until now. Meara devotes a lot of time to improve our in-house built property management software to ensure we provide efficient and the best customer service possible to our clients. Meara has led the process of formally incorporating the property management services to Transparent Property Management in 2019. Transparent Property Management remains part of Crompton Partners group.

Maria De Jesus

Manager of Transparent Property Management

Maria is a highly experienced property manager. Abu Dhabi real estate never ceases in surprising us with problems, sometimes even with the simplest tasks. That’s why you need Maria. She’s extremely good with problem-solving and solving any issues faced by our clients’ properties is her routine. She always thinks about the best interests of our clients. She’s also very responsible and super responsive to any queries.

Liz Mashengele

Tenant Liaison & Property Promotion Officer

An effective communicator with a fun-loving personality, Liz is there for our clients to make sure their tenants are happy (happy tenants rent longer!) she also makes sure whenever any property under our management becomes available, the property is out there in the market for every agent in Abu Dhabi and prospective tenants know about it. She tracks the number of viewings every week and constantly thinks of ways to attract more viewers to our clients’ available properties.

Inessa Ivlieva

Special Project & Client Onboarding Officer

Highly capable of resolving any issues outside the scope of the routine operations of property management. From building promotion, figuring out how Abu Dhabi’s new Tawtheeq system works, Inessa can always get the job completed neatly and effectively. She also helps onboard new clients and provides special assistance to get their properties on the right track.

Sanjiev Arun

Maintenance Coordinator & Property Evaluation Inspector

Not just a regular maintenance coordinator to schedule for appointments. Snajiev has great knowledge of MEP and Civil work. He knows what’s the best way to supervise our in-house maintenance team to get the job done to the right standard. He also specializes in property measurement for evaluation purposes. He used to supervise maintenance providers at multiple university campuses in Abu Dhabi before joining Transparent Property Management. A keen learner and with an already wide depth of knowledge. He is always trying to improve & provide the best service possible.

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