Property Management in Abu Dhabi

Since our launch in 2012 Crompton Partners has quickly become the largest Real Estate Company owned and run by Western expatriates in Abu Dhabi. Our customer service based approach has earned us the trust of our clients throughout Abu Dhabi, from governmental institutions and large corporations to the individuals whose homes we manage on a daily basis.

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Know how we can take care of your valuable investment.

What are the services offered by Crompton Partners?

As your Property Manager we represent you in everything we do. Finding you great tenants quickly is our priority (we do not charge leasing commission to your tenants or to other agents), but we do more than simply renting your property. We take the hassle and stress out of owning property, we let you take more time doing the things you love doing, like spending time with family, taking holidays or just relaxing. Please download our brochure for our full list of property management service.

Monthly Account

You receive your monthly account statement as soon as we start managing your property. You know exactly how much the maintenance work has cost, and how much you have received for your rent.


If you are about to receive your property from the developer we do it all for you…

Deposit Rent

No matter how many payments your tenants provide, we keep track of the dates and deposit your cheques into your account.


We work with qualified tradesmen to deal with all maintenance issues promptly and cost-effectively.

Settle Security

We list all items that require deduction from the tenant’s security deposit, and we settle it with the tenants.

Restore property back to rentable condition

We oversee the restoration of your property to make sure it is put back into the condition the vacating tenant received it in.

Property Maintenance

We have our own team of maintenance ready to take care of your property.

We Help You To Protect your Investment

Some people see property maintenance as a cost, but the way we do it you end up making money and protecting your investment.

We represent you in everything we do.

The Abu Dhabi real estate market is changing rapidly, rents have fallen and many new towers have been handed over. An apartment or villa no longer gets rented just because it’s available. Renting out your property now takes a professional to do it quickly and for the right rent. Engaging a professional property manager to represent your properties and give you insight into the market becomes critical to having successful investments in Abu Dhabi. Crompton Partners is here to maximise the income potential of your assets.

Stay Informed About Abu Dhabi Real Estate Law

Abu Dhabi Real Estate is going through a transition, the government has gradually started to implement new laws and regulations, including 3% new tenancy tax, 5% rental cap, setting up of a land registry department, regulation of the percentage of transfer fees a developer is allowed to charge etc. The pace is slow but it’s constant. We help you stay informed about the new requirements and how best to react to them.

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