Megaproject: A multi-billion eSports Island is coming to Abu Dhabi

It will be home to a new hotel, an arena and more…

True Gamers has unveiled plans to develop the world’s first eSports Island in Abu Dhabi which includes a luxurious hotel (with a unique concept), high-tech venues for gaming tournaments, professional training facilities, content creation spaces, and more.

True Gamers is the leading international network of eSports clubs, and the new upcoming island create a dynamic ecosystem to cater to the constantly growing eSports community. 

What’s On reached out to True Gamer on a possible location for the island, who confirmed it would be called eSports Island, and it will be located in Al Raha Creek in Al Seef next to Hope Island in Abu Dhabi.

The project is set to cost over 280 million USD and will be the first of its kind globally.

eSports Island Abu Dhabi

The eSports Island embodies a huge leap in the industry fostering a space for innovation, competition and community. The vision is to empower gamers to pursue their dreams and to keep the passion ignited for eSports in future generations.

All the cool things to come on the eSports Island in Abu Dhabi

GG Bootcamps

For those hardcore gamers looking to prepare for tournaments, there will be no place better than the GG Bootcamps. The dedicated space on the island will provide high-tech computers, advanced analytical tools, designated sleep and rest areas and even a balanced nutrition program. 

A children’s eSports camp will also be established, fostering the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.  

GG Resort

The eSports Island will also be home to a high-class hotel with 200 luxurious rooms boasting high-performance computers for an unrivalled gaming experience. It will also include leisure facilities such as a spa, pool and a pristine beach where gamers can chill.

Digital Tower

On the business front, the Digital Tower will be home to a dynamic business hub offering modern workspaces, animation development studios, and more.

TG Arena

We can’t have an eSporting Island without a cool arena. Not only will the TG Arena host international eSports tournaments, but it will also host unique digital exhibitions and large-scale conferences.

The arena will be able to adapt to different gaming and digital genres, and competition formats. It will include a computer club with high-performing PCs, a car simulator area with numerous platforms, a console zone and a fully equipped streaming area.

Speaking on the project announcement, Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder of True Gamers stated, ‘True Gamers conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the MENA region’s eSports landscape and the global eSports industry’s growth trajectory before eSports Island development. This in-depth analysis gives us the confidence that the proposed business model will be instrumental in bringing eSports Island to life,’

True Gamer was founded in 2019 and its network has grown to 124 esports halls in the UAE and Eastern Europe. In Saudi Arabia, True Gamers has signed an agreement to open 150 clubs with an investment of over 45 million USD.

No completion date has been announced, but we are keeping our eyes on any new information, so stay tuned.

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