Article 20(3) of the 2006 Tenancy Law States that “In the event that either party does not wish to renew the lease, or wishes to amend the conditions of the lease, that party shall notify the other party in writing two months prior to the date of the lease’s expiry, for residential property”. The notice period for commercial is two months.

So, it should be noted that leases in Abu Dhabi are automatically renewing. Quite an unusual feature. If they aren’t cancelled or amended, they automatically roll over for another year on the same terms.

So, it is extremely important you don’t miss the two-month deadline to give this “written” notice, if you want to terminate the lease or ask for a rent reduction.

If you want to terminate but miss this deadline then even if you’re still within the original lease an attempt to cancel can be seen as attempting to cancel the next year’s lease and can be refused or incur penalties.

A written notice can be by email or WhatsApp but better to send an email to the address on the Tawtheeq and any other address you know for the owner of property manager. If you are asking for a rent reduction the notice should state that you reserve your right to terminate the agreement if your request is rejected. Negotiations may drag on and you don’t want the landlord saying you missed the deadline to terminate due to the dispute over the rent reduction.

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