How to Make a Perfect Rent-reduction Notice to your Landlord

woman sitting in a desk

If you are working with a company where you can’t talk to someone about your rent reduction, here is how you send the request. It must be more than 60 days before the end of your tenancy contract, so make sure you send it then.

How do you do that?

Must be in writing. Email is fine, and you should phrase it as in: “I would like this amount for rent reduction, refusal to give me this rent reduction will result in me terminating this contract and moving elsewhere.”

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The law states that if you want to terminate the contract or you want to get a lower rent, you’ve got to write 60 days beforehand. Some landlords, if you just write that you want a rent reduction, and then there is some negotiation, and then it comes to the point where the landlord says “No, I am not going to give you a rent reduction, you then say, “Okay, well I’m leaving.” The landlord will sometimes say “You need to give me notice 60 days before that you are leaving.” So, what you need to do is put it all in the notice. “I want rent reduction or I’m leaving.”

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