How Much Does It Cost You To Rent? THE REAL NUMBERS!! 

Renting in UAE is easy and straightforward but you need to know the hidden costs

What not brokers tell you about when they take you for viewing are the extra fees you need to pay to be a tenant in the UAE. In this email, we will break down for you all that you need to know. 

Municipality fees for the Tawtheeq are only 50 dirhams, but there may be admin fees added on to this by the property manager for the processing of the document. Check these carefully.

You will also need to pay the value of 5% of the annual rent as a fee to the Municipality. This will be added to your ADDC bill in 12 monthly instalments.

ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) deposit, the tenant will need to pay the deposit of AED1,000 with the first bill. This is refundable.

Commission fees – a standard 5% of your first annual rent in broker commission fees are applied in Abu Dhabi. These can be called TAF (tenant assistance fees) and can be charged by the property manager even if you aren’t using a broker.

A security deposit will almost always be paid on top of the rental contract value to the landlord/owner to cover any property damages. This is usually 5% of the value of the first years rent but can be more in cheaper properties. It is refundable.

Other utilities fees and deposits. If you have a gas connection you will need a deposit for this. Similarly, if you have a chilled water connection for, you’re a/c there will be a deposit here too. Both refundable.

The process of renting a home may be complex, by we can assist you. Here is your complete guide, step by step, to renting a property in Abu Dhabi. Never be confused again[AAS1] !

 [AAS1]Your complete guide to renting in Abu dhabi – Crompton Partners Estate Agents

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