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If you buy a property equivalent to the one you’re renting you will save a massive:


Let us show you how:

Based on a 25-year mortgage at 5% interest your annual payments to the bank in year 1 would be:


* Part of the loan will also need to paid off as “Principal” but this is not lost
ADM Fee: – This will be saved as, unlike tenants owners don’t pay ADM Fee

(Principal is what you pay off your loan, you dont lose it the way you lose rent or interest)


Compare this with what you were paying in rent (plus your municipality fees *)

In addition the “principal payment” goes to paying off the mortgage. You don’t lose that, you get it back when you sell. You only “lose” the interest payment of

Which is a saving of:

You will need a cash deposit of and bank approval to make the purchase.

*Owners don’t pay the 5% municipality fee that tenants pay in their ADDC bills

How we work this out

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So how do we get these numbers?

First of all we work backwards to get how much your property is probably worth – we do this by assuming your rent is 7% of the value of the property, which is pretty standard amongst property in Abu Dhabi.

We then apply the mortgage rate to 80% of that value (you can only borrow 80%, you’ll need to find 20% deposit in cash). Mortgages make up two payments, interest and principal. Principal is paid to reduce the loan, and interest is lost to the bank (in the way you currently lose rent to the landlord).

We then take your current rent, subtract the interest part of the loan, subtract a further 5% of the rent (this is the municipality fee that owners don’t pay), et Voila! This is your saving. If you want us to make a bespoke calculation just for you click on the button below.



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