Five Reasons You Need Property Management

Five Reasons You Need Property Management

Our most common customer looking for property management is someone who is either out of the country and needs a safe pair of hands for their unit or is someone who is having trouble renting their unit and needs our assistance. These are both great reasons to seek out a trustworthy property manager, but this is very much the least we can do. And with property management starting at as little as 4% of the rent (just two weeks), read on.

Tenant Liaison – Whether you are in the country or not, as a property owner tenants are your biggest distraction. A good property manager will deal with all aspects of your relationship with your tenants so you don’t have to pick up the phone to them. Go on holiday safe in the knowledge that the person who is in charge of your unit knows the property and the tenant well.

Leasing – Crompton Partners has one of strongest leasing arms in Abu Dhabi. At the time of writing, we have 17 leasing agents in the Emirate covering all areas. We understand the market, pitch rents at the correct amounts and can access companies like ADIA, Cleveland Clinic, ENEC and others for tenants.

Maintenance – After tenants, maintenance is the thing that will take up most of your time. We work with genuinely independent professional maintenance companies we have hand selected (as opposed to the Khidmahs and 360s of this world) who are on call 24/7 and do a great job quickly and cheaply. We liaise between the tenant and the maintenance provider, we even check their work. We can also arrange for planned preventative maintenance to occur so you know your expensive asset is being looked after.

Adding Value – Attentive management adds value to your property. A well-managed property can be leased out for more, increasing your rental income. If your tenants are kept happy they are more likely to stay, meaning no loss of rent between tenants, and more likely to accept a rent raise if one is due. Proper maintenance, including planned preventative maintenance, preserves the value of your property and reduces the need for expensive repairs.

Move In and Move Out – When your tenant moves out who will organize the cleaning and repainting? If there is a broken door and the tenant says it was like they when they moved in what proof do you have? Who will organize any fixing that is required? You won’t have to, your property manager will.

And all this for as little as 4% of the rent, or just two weeks. It just makes sense.


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