Everything you need to know about Al Reef Villas Registration and Tawtheeq

Enrolment & Registration of AlReef properties in ADDC & AbuDhabi Municipality post cancellation of Property Management agreement under Manazel’s name From Tawtheeq system

Please be informed that Manazel have cancelled the Property Management Agreement from Tawtheeq system on January 30, 2020.

Accordingly, we urge all owners to obtain their 1) Registration/Title Deeds and then 2) Transfer the ADDC account from Manazel to your name then 3) Register your property on your smartpass, in order to avoid any interruption pertaining to Tawtheeq, ADDC services, leasing/selling your property or any other services.

To do this, please follow the steps below in the exact order to be able to have full management as a landlord on your property:

  1. Get an NOC from Manazel
  1. Obtain Registration deed (Title Deed) of property;
  2. Pay service charges in full;
  3. Get ADDC clearance from current tenant or provide proof that account is under landlord (latest ADDC bill);
  4. Email Manazel to request an NOC to register for ADDC account ownership. You may send the request to the following email address; Anis.Kadourah@manazelspecialists.ae; Mohamed.Ali@manazelspecialists.ae ;

and attach:
• Registration/Title Deed
• ADDC Clearance or Bill
• Emirates ID copy

  • Register with ADDC

You may send the request to the following email address: contactcentre@addc.ae

and ensure to attach:

  1. Registration Deed
  2. NOC
  3. EID copy

Then proceed to Change Property Ownership in ADDC by filling the form in the following website:


  • Abu Dhabi Municipality Steps

You must undertake four steps:

  1. Property Enrolment
  2. Property Registration
  3. Property Management Registration
  4. Tawtheeq – Al Reef Villa

A. Property Enrolment – For villas only

Access to smart Pass or https://mservices.dma.abudhabi.ae/

Then select:

  1. “Homes”
  2. “New Services”
  3. “Property Enrolment” – Fill in the required info
  4. Select “Municipality of Abudhabi”, once you do, a plot number will appear
  5. Fill the remaining fields
  6. Validate the plot
  7. Applicant type: choose “owner” – You’ll need to upload mandatory documents (*)
  8. Submit

*Mandatory documents

1-Application Form

2-Drawing (2nd page of Registration Deed)

3-Property Information template in an excel sheet format (DMK FILE)

B. Property Registration – For villas only

Access to smart Pass or https://mservices.dma.abudhabi.ae/

  1. “Homes”
  2. “New Services”
  3. “Property Registration” – Fill in the required info
  4. “Applicant type” – select “owner”
  5. Select “Municipality of Abudhabi”, once you do, a plot number will appear
  6. Fill in the remaining fields (AlReef)(AlReef) (~)
  7. Validate the plot
  8. Click on “Show Plot Properties”
  9. Choose your property from the “List of Properties/Units” on the Plot and Click on “Add”
  10. You’ll need to pay the outstanding registration service fee online using a credit/debit card.
  11. Submit

After Unit Registration is complete & request is closed, please proceed to the next step

C. Property Management Registration

For this step, please email cs.ccm@adm.gov.ae  To ask for a property management agreement from AbuDhabi municipality inorder to gain authority to manage your property.


1-Emirates ID copy

2- Registration Deed

3-PRP Number

D. Tawtheeq – Al Reef Villa

To do Tawtheeq

Please log on the Tawtheeq system via:


or through your smartpass:

lessor ➡️ continue

Choose (New Services) at the bottom of the page.

Choose (New Tenancy Contract) from the list of options.

Click on (Add properties & units)

Choose (Search by property)

Fill in your PRP number & click on (Search)

Choose your property from the list and click on (Add)

Choose (Add Tenant)

Enter Emirates ID number for your main tenant then click on (Search)

Choose the tenant from the list and click on (Add)

Make the following choices:

Actual usage ➡️ RESIDENTIAL

Electric bill paid by ➡️ TENANT

Start Date➡️ (input contract starting date)

End Date➡️ (input contract end date)

Amount (AED)➡️ (rent value)

Security Deposit ➡️ (security deposit value)

Number of instalments ➡️ (number of payments)

Payment method➡️ (input means of payment)

Then proceed below to:

Add Occupants

You will enter the Emirates ID for each occupant (members of family)

And add them.

Proceed to the end of the page & find

(Download Application Form)

The system will generate a form that you need to get it signed by your tenant on all 5 pages.

Final step, upload the signed form in the system and Tawtheeq (Attested Tenancy Contract) will be instantly generated.

You may call 800626935/+97126522000

8am-2pm for assistance

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