A Guide to Buying Villas in Abu Dhabi

At some point we will all consider buying a home in the Capital, whether that is wanting to buy a villa in Abu Dhabi or an apartment. In this blog we’re going to focus on buying villas and villas for sale.

Location, Location, Location: Choosing the Right Neighborhoods

Abu Dhabi boasts a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and character. From the iconic Corniche with its stunning waterfront views to the cultural richness of Saadiyat Island, potential buyers must carefully consider their preferences and lifestyle. So where can Expats buy villas in Abu Dhabi? Ranked in reverse price order.

  • Hydra Village – Just opposite Deerfield’s Mall before the KIZAD exit these are the most cost-effective villas around (they are really townhouses). Two and three beds.
  • Al Ghadeer – On the Dubai border close to Maktoum international this huge community has two and three bed villas and townhouses)
  • Al Reef 2 – Opposite the KIZAD Exit on the Dubai road these are two and three bed semidetached townhouses (can also be called Duplexes).
  • Al Reef 1 – Opened in 2009 this 4,000 units complex has over 2,000 townhouses (two, three, four and five beds) spread over four villages.
  • Yas Island – West Yas and Yas Acres are two huge communities already built (with Noya on the way). This is the upper-mid market place to buy villas in Abu Dhabi.
  • Jubail Island – A huge space with 1,200 villas and townhouses and around 250 apartments. Every size can be found here form two bed townhouses to seven bedroom mansions
  • Saadiyat Island – The original destination for luxurious villas. Saadiyat Beach Villas, Hidd Saadiyat with the Lagoons still off-plan.

Other places where you can buy villas “off-plan” are Reeman Living next to Shakbooth City, Ramhan Island, Hudariyat Island and Bloom Living in Zayed City.

Expats cannot buy in Raha Gardens, Al Forsan or Golf Gardens – these are UAE National only.

Understanding the Types of Villas Available

Abu Dhabi’s real estate market offers a reasonably diverse range of villas, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Townhouses – These are attached to another townhouses. “corner” or “end of row” are only attached on one side.

Duplexes – Mostly coined by Aldar to denote two villas attached to each other to they are both “end or row”.

VillasStand alone property

When buying villas and townhouses in Abu Dhabi look out for some other expressions. They can be “single row” or “double row” denoting whether they are “back to back” with another villa or a road/park separates them from the next property. You can also have “semi-single” which might mean a pathway between the rows of houses.

Amenities, Lifestyle and Service Charges

Abu Dhabi is renowned for its world-class amenities, including prestigious schools, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and recreational spaces. Each villa community also has its own charms which will vary from a simple pool and gym to beaches and restaurants. Remember however that when you buy a villa in Abu Dhabi you get what you pay for in terms of amenities. By that we mean service charges. Now villa service charges are a lot lower than service charges for apartments, but they are worth taking into account. Some have no service changes like West Yas, but most are between 3-6 dirhams per square foot each year. Don’t be caught out by your bill.

Navigating the Legal Landscape

The process of buying property in Abu Dhabi is quite straight forward but you do not have the comfort of having lawyers or conveyancing firms assisting you. The conveyancing is done by the broker who you use, so make sure you use a trusted and experienced one. Never write cheques in their name – only to the person on the title deed.

In general to navigate the complexities of buying a villa in Abu Dhabi, enlisting the services of a reputable real estate agent and legal advisor is highly recommended. These professionals bring valuable local knowledge, experience, and expertise, ensuring a seamless and informed transaction.

Investment Potential: Why Abu Dhabi?

Beyond the immediate pleasures of luxurious living, Abu Dhabi’s real estate market presents a compelling investment opportunity. Abu Dhabi has its oil reserves of course but in recent years has diversified its income to VAT, Road Tolls and Corporation Tax. It is the steady hand when compared to flashy Dubia with a much more stable market and solid returns. It builds carefully but for the long term. Buying a Villa in Abu Dhabi is a long term investment.

Investing in a villa in Abu Dhabi opens the door to a life of unparalleled luxury, cultural richness, and economic opportunity. With careful consideration of location, property type, legalities, budgeting, and the guidance of experienced professionals, the process of buying a villa in Abu Dhabi can be a rewarding and transformative experience. As the city continues to evolve, the investment in a villa becomes not just a purchase but a gateway to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends tradition with the finest elements of modern living.

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